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At Connect4Hope, we believe in supporting you to find a combination of conventional and alternative healing resources that best address your individual needs. Our Resources section includes therapies that provide hope while supporting overall healing of imbalances in mind, body and spirit. Many of the alternative protocols shared here can be used in conjunction with conventional healthcare treatments.


Please know that we do not endorse any specific type of healing treatment. We believe strongly in everyone's right to research their options fully and make informed decisions on how to best heal themselves. Our Resources section provides links to help you learn about protocols others have successfully used on their wellness journeys.

* Please check back often, as this page is a work-in-progress *

Everyone's body and health challenge is unique. While we provide a lot of resources on this website, probably the most important ones are the links to different types of clinics and practitioners who have been trained to understand and help support your individual body's healing process. We always recommend tackling any wellness challenges under the guidance of one or more health professionals.

Many alternative, integrative treatments are used to reduce inflammation and activate the body's immune system, supporting full body healing and wellness. Here we share the holistic treatments used by our Stories of Hope survivors.

Mental, emotional and spiritual therapies are known to be as critical as physical treatments when it comes to whole body healing and overall well-being. Positive changes to our thoughts, emotions and spiritual practices strengthen our immune systems and fortify our body's natural ability to fight disease.

Cancer, like and other chronic diseases, has a variety of causes including a poor diet, toxin exposure and nutritional deficiencies. Examining one's nutrition and fixing nutritional deficiencies can help create a healthier biological environment that impedes cancer cells' ability to flourish.

Many non-profit organizations and foundations have been created to provide additional support and resources on your wellness journey by sharing information and education on complementary, alternative and natural health therapies. These organizations are also involved in advocacy, working to enhance the recognition of alternative and natural healthcare modalities in the mainstream medical communities and within government legislatures.

Becoming engrossed in a good book can improve a reader's ability to put himself in another person's shoes and flex the imagination in a way that is similar to visualization. In this way, good books on healing can support an optimistic mindset of hope, further enhancing a positive mind-body connection. Here are some of our favorite books to inspire you during your wellness journey.

Virtual events on holistic healing are widely available. Events of Hope are incredible opportunities to listen to experts from around the world and become inspired as you move forward on your own path of healing.

Many videos that have been used by our Stories of Hope survivors to provide support, guidance and inspiration while they were on embarking on their own healing journeys. We share those videos with you here to provide you with the same support, guidance and inspiration.

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