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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(1) How long is your health coaching program?

The health coaching program is approximately 6 months long and includes12 bi-weekly sessions. Over time, we have found that long lasting lifestyle habits take time to form and 6 months appears to be the magic timeframe to effectively put these into place. Making lifestyle changes too fast can provide quick results, but usually are not long-lasting. My 6-month health coaching program helps you make gradual changes at a pace that works for you, enabling you to not only reach, but also maintain your health goals.

In addition, the 6-month timeframe allows us to address challenges as they come up along the way. And they will come up! Holidays, summer barbecues, birthdays, vacations or any social gatherings throughout the year can be a challenge for anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Having one-on-one support during these times is especially important as it allows you to test out different strategies for socializing while maintaining your new healthy habits. And if you do happen to stumble, as we all do, I'll be there to help you understand why and how to be more successful the next time you're in the same situation.

(2) What happens during a typical health coaching session?

First of all, since every person is unique, no two health coaching sessions are ever the same. Every session is customized towards you and your personal health goals, so our discussion will vary based upon where you are in your journey and the unique challenges you face along the way. That being said, all 50-minute sessions are loosely structured around the following activities:​

  • Update on how you're doing and what's working,

  • Better understanding any challenges you're facing,

  • Discussion around specific topics of interest to you or questions you may have,

  • Exercises to help you think more clearly about all areas of nutrition in your life, and

  • Always concluding with one to three healthy lifestyle steps you can commit to taking before our next session. 

(3) Am I on my own in between sessions?

Absolutely not! While we only spend 50 minutes together during each session, the session doesn't end when we end the video chat. Following our session, I will provide additional, customized information to help you achieve your short-term goals while creating new, longer term, healthier lifestyle habits in between sessions. I am also available to answer any questions that come up between sessions. While we typically spend 50 minutes together during each session, the time I spend working with (or for) you ends up being closer to two to three hours per session.

(4) This sounds interesting, but I'm not ready to commit just yet. Is there a way to do a trial session to see if this feels right for me?

Yes! I offer complimentary 40-minute Health and Wellness Consultations for just that purpose. These free sample sessions allow you to experience a typical health coaching session and determine if it feels like a good fit for you without having to make any future commitments. 

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