Events of Hope

with Kris Carr

When Kris Carr was diagnosed with incurable Stage IV cancer in 2003, she went on a life-affirming search for healing, leaving no stone unturned as she transformed her life - body, mind and spirit.

Now, 15 years later, she's gathered some of the world's top integrative oncologists, dietitians, wellness experts and cancer survivors to share practical tips and inspiration to help you prevent, stabilize and reverse disease.

The Healing Cancer World Summit takes place from October 17th - 23rd. 

Full Disclosure: Connect4Hope has an affiliate marketing relationship with Hay House.

Did you know that you can reduce your risk of cancer, and support your body’s ability to heal and repair?

The Truth About Cancer brings you “A Global Quest”. This 9-day event features over 100 of the best cancer experts on the planet. And you can watch the whole event free! Secure your spot now!

Taking place now through October 17th!

Full Disclosure: Connect4Hope has an affiliate marketing relationship with The Truth About Cancer.

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