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Connect4Hope with Brianna Carothers

Episode 3 - May 27, 2020
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For thousands of years, many cultures have described a matrix of subtle energies that support, shape and animate the physical body. When our energies are vibrant and in balance, so are our bodies.

However, in our modern, post-industrial world, our energies are frequently out of balance. Why is this? And what can you do to balance your body's energy system and maintain optimal health?


On May 27th, Brianna Carothers, Energy Medicine Practitioner, joined Connect4Hope for a live discussion about energy healing, answering these questions and more. 


Listen to the full event recording below and download our event notes here.

Energy Healing - Part 1Connect4Hope with Brianna Carothers
00:00 / 31:10
Energy Healing - Part 2Connect4Hope with Brianna Carothers
00:00 / 29:47

Event Recording

Event Notes

Download our event summary to make note-taking easy.

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About Brianna Carothers

When Brianna was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001, she turned to a variety of approaches to heal. One of those was energy medicine, which she credits as being one of the biggest turning points in her health. As she explains it, “When something happens emotionally or physically to your body, it changes your energy pathways. By going through your body and releasing the energy points, it clears the pathways again, resulting in better health.”


Today, Brianna is an Energy Medicine Practitioner.  She uses multiple techniques to find energetic imbalances in her clients and then creates space to encourage each person's energy to shift into healthier patterns, strengthen and build resilience.  

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