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Support Organizations

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There are many non-profit organizations and foundations available to provide additional support and resources on your wellness journey. These organizations share information and education on complementary, alternative and natural health therapies. They are frequently involved in advocacy and awareness, working to enhance the recognition of alternative and natural healthcare modalities in the mainstream medical communities. Many also provide information on financial assistance for those in need of funding to support their healing treatments.

Photo by Jay Castor on Unsplash

Over 40 years after healing from his own terminal lung cancer diagnosis, Carl Helvie now runs the Carl O Helvie Holistic Cancer Foundation, whose primary purpose is to:

  • Obtain and provide funds for research on holistic medical/health care as a means of curing cancer and improving quality of life;

  • Provide patient education on the use of holistic medical/health information as a form of prevention and cancer treatment;

  • Provide financial assistance to those in need of holistic care in the treatment of cancer;

  • Support research and education on environmental toxins that cause cancer or other medical ailments;

  • Bring awareness to the state and national legislatures regarding the use of holistic medical/health care as a recognized and scientifically based form of prevention and treatment of cancer.

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