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Cancer and other chronic diseases have a variety of causes, some of which include a poor diet, toxin exposure and nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, it's not surprising that many people turn to nutrition as one of the ways to address the root cause of their disease. Proper nutrition can help create a healthy biological environment that makes if difficult, if not impossible, for cancer cells to flourish.

Cooking and eating well is an empowering choice you can make every single day.

Photo by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash

Hippocrates famously said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be they food." We take this quote to heart and share some of the food and dietary resources available to further support you on your healing and wellness journey.

Herbs are plant-based medicine that have been used to enhance well-being for thousands of years. Supplements are concentrated forms of herbs, whole foods and minerals used to make up for a deficiency in your daily diet. While modern scientific study is limited, many Stories of Hope utilize herbs and supplements to support the body's healing and overall well-being.

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