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From Terminal Uterine Cancer Diagnosis to Complete Recovery in 5 Months - Veronica's Story

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Veronica Ivonne submitted her inspirational Story of Hope about beating Uterine Cancer after she was given only two weeks to live seven years ago. She is an incredibly strong woman who did things her way and won!

Veronica's Story

Written and submitted by Veronica Ivonne.

I refused chemotherapy after I was told I had less than two weeks to live. I was told chemotherapy would only give me an additional two years of life. I said "No thank you." Instead, I went on the Hippocrates Diet. My cancer cleared within a year, and I've been cancer-free since 2012.

In 2011, I went to the emergency room because my bladder was blocked. There I learned the reason - I had a large tumor the size of a cantaloupe! After clearing my bladder, the doctors did several tests. They told me I had uterine cancer, needed a hysterectomy and chemotherapy. However, I was also told that a hysterectomy and chemotherapy would only extend my life by 1-2 years, and I would also need to take hormones. I told the doctors that they could remove only part of my tumor without touching any of my organs, including my uterus. They responded that I was crazy. They shook their heads and frowned. They called in a psychiatrist to evaluate me. I passed the evaluation. Then they called in another psychiatrist, and I passed the second evaluation. I told the doctors I would sue if I left the hospital without any of my organs. They wanted me to sign forms, but I refused to sign anything. I gave them verbal permission to remove only PART of my tumor and nothing else, which they did.

After I left the hospital I went to the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida for two months. There I followed the Hippocrates Diet, drank 16 oz. of green juice 6-8x per day and did water and wheatgrass enemas. When I returned to New York City two months later, I went to see an oncologist and gynecologist. They told me that my cancer was almost cleared. I continued following the Hippocrates regimen. When I returned to the oncologist five months after being diagnosed with uterine cancer, I was told my cancer was cleared and there was NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!

In order to cure my cancer, I had to stop eating meat, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt and all other forms of animal fat/protein.

My current diet remains:

  • 50% raw fruits 

  • 50% raw veggies (roots and leafy greens)

  • I eat cooked food only occasionally in the winter.

  • I do NOT eat anything from a can, bottle, or box.

The key to ridding my cancer and staying healthy was being on a 100% raw plant diet. In 2016 I started eating organic meat. After a few months back on meat, I could tell something didn't feel right, so I stopped.

Five years after I healed, I also started following Dr. Robert Morse videos on YouTube, which I have found extremely informational and helpful for my overall health and well-being. I recommend these videos to anyone who reads my story.


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