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Stage 3 HPV Anal Cancer Healed Naturally in 10 Months – Shari’s Story

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

In January 2014, Shari was diagnosed with Stage 3 HPV Anal Cancer. She decided to treat it naturally, and ten months later she was cancer-free. This is her story.

In January 2014, Shari had surgery to remove what was believed to be a hemorrhoid. Instead, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Anal Cancer. This came as a shock to someone who considered her lifestyle to be extremely healthy, ate a vegetarian diet and made regular use of a rebounder and infrared sauna. The surgeon who removed the cancerous tissue told her he hadn’t gotten clean margins and she “just needed to sign up for chemotherapy and radiation,” as those were her only options. Stunned, Shari ran from his office and called her naturopath on the way home. He told her to come to his office first thing in the morning.

Shari ignored a barrage of phone calls and a registered letter pressuring her to sign up for chemo and radiation. Instead she worked with her naturopath and came up with the following healing protocol:

(1) IV Therapy - The day after her diagnosis, she began intravenous therapy 2x per week at her naturopath’s office. This included: 20,000 mg Vitamin C, Echinacea, goldenseal, B-complex, plus other vitamins, minerals and herbs.

(2) Diet - Shari’s naturopath changed her diet significantly. While she was already a vegetarian at the time of her diagnosis, she immediately switched to a raw vegan diet, cut out all sugar and even most fruit. She also added the following to her diet:

  • She drank a freshly made juice with the following ingredients daily: ½ apple, carrot, cucumber, kale, beet, ginger root, turmeric root, celery, lemon, parsley and cilantro. She made enough juice each morning so she could drink this juice with breakfast and lunch.

  • Smoothies: Some days she used the aforementioned juice and added blueberries, tart cherries, blackberries, acai, strawberries. (While she also cut out most fruit, berries were fine and she ate many of them.)

  • Her naturopath also allowed herself a ½ grapefruit each day.

  • By summertime, she did start eating melons, but by then she was well on her way back to full health.

  • She eliminated ALL sweeteners from her diet, including: honey, agave and stevia.

(3) Supplements - Shari purchased many of her supplements from Pure Formulas.

  • 3,000 mg vitamin C twice per day

  • Pure Cell

  • Green tea extract

  • My Community mushroom combination capsule

  • Modified citrus pectin

  • Resveratrol

  • Essiac tea

  • Turmeric balls

  • High Dose THC RSO (Rick Simpson Oil): She began taking this orally the way Rick Simpson recommends, starting slowly and increasing her dosage with the goal of ingesting 60 grams in 90 days. She also applied it directly to the cancer area. (Note: Since Shari didn’t begin until she was 6 months into her cancer treatment, she never actually reached the goal of 60 grams.)

(4) Rife machine - which she still uses everyday

(5) Rebounding - to circulate her lymph system and help it flush out toxins

(6) Infrared sauna

(7) Color therapy

(8) Essential oils - specifically therapeutic-grade Frankincense. While she mostly diffused the frankincense oil, she also periodically put a drop or two in water bottle or put a drop on her thumb and rubbed it on the roof of her mouth before bed.

Emotional & Spiritual Support

Shari says that the mental factor was, and continues to be, such a large part of her healing. In order to strengthen her mindset and focus on hope and positivity she did the following:

  • Watched Ty Bollinger’s The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest and reread his book Cancer: Step Outside the Box.

  • Read Love, Medicine and Miracles by Dr. Bernie Siegel. While reading this book, Shari realized she had talked herself into cancer. And if she did that, then she could also talk herself out of it.

  • Meditation. She listened to meditative audio soundtracks.

  • Mantra: “Thank you, God. I am healed. I am more powerful and healthier everyday because of you.” Anytime she had thoughts of cancer growing or that she wasn’t going to get well, she would say this mantra repeatedly as a way of overpowering the negative thoughts of fear. She still uses this for stress.

  • Energy healing, including, Tai Chi Chih, chakra balancing and Reiki

  • Reflexology

  • Massage

  • Laid on an amethyst crystal bed with pulsating chakra colors for all 7 chakras for 30 minutes of healing. She did this at a nearby day spa once per month.

  • Quit her job to minimize stress

  • Hugged trees

  • Laughter – By watching funny movies

In October 2014, just 10 months after being diagnosed, an MRI confirmed that Shari no longer had cancer.

Replacing Fear with Hope

Before she was diagnosed, Shari was well aware that there are many options for treating cancer. However, even with this knowledge, her immediate thoughts upon being diagnosed were, “I’m going to die. It’s all over.” During her 10 months of natural cancer treatments, she had many doubts and had to really focus on maintaining a positive mindset. She says hope came from the people around her who supported her with encouraging thoughts. Her naturopath as well as the people who sat with her while she was receiving the natural IV therapy reassured her that she was doing the right thing. Connecting with people who supported her treatment plan was extremely important.

Today, four years after beating cancer on her terms, Shari has lingering fears of a cancer recurrence. In order to address these fears and maintain a strong immune system, she continues to follow many of the steps listed above, just not as regularly or restrictively as she did while healing from cancer. Even today, reaching out and speaking to others helps to prevent her mind from thinking negative thoughts.

Another technique she uses to focus on hope is to continue saying her daily mantra. Today, she uses the Ho'oponopono Prayer:

Creator, please remove from within me whatever it is that has created this situation. I am truly sorry. I ask for forgiveness. I thank you. I love you.

She has placed copies of this prayer everywhere – in her car, in her purse, in the bathroom, etc. When negative thoughts of fear and doubt enter her mind, she immediately reads this prayer until those thoughts have subsided. CBD oil also helps her to calm down when she sees the negative thoughts coming.

As a message to others, Shari wishes people would understand that cancer doesn’t begin overnight. She believes people should take some time to make a decision, especially when they’re still in shock from a diagnosis. Her suggestion is to walk away, breathe and make some decisions after careful thought. “We’re not getting sick overnight so we don’t need to start [treatment] this second. Take a day, two days, a week.” It’s important to remember that we’re all capable of thinking for ourselves and that each of us has a say in our cancer treatment.

Finally, Shari would like to make herself available to anyone who has questions, concerns or just wants support from someone who has successfully treated cancer. If you leave your contact information in the comments section or email Connect4Hope, we will connect you directly with Shari.


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