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Essiac Tea


Essiac Tea originally was known as the "Ojibwa Tea of Life," an herbal remedy of the Ojibwa Native American tribes in North America. In 1922 a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse learned about this healing elixir made up of eight herbs. Rene refined it to her own formula of four herbs and then used this formula to treat many terminal cancer patients for over 60 years until her death in 1978. (Essiac is "Caisse" spelled backwards.)

The four main herbs used in Rene Caisse's original formula were Burdock root (cut), Sheep Sorrel (whole herb, powdered, including root), Slippery Elm inner bark (powdered), and Turkey Rhubarb root (powdered).

Today, there are many sources of Essiac Tea on the market. While most blends contain Sheep Sorrel, only a few include what Rene Caisse described as "the most important ingredient" - the Sheep Sorrel ROOTS. It is important to research vendors and use a tea made with top quality herbs and processing.

As with any dietary supplement, it is important to fully research and form your own opinion on whether Essiac Tea is right for you in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional. Below are some resource links to help you get started.

Informative Articles

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Below is a list of Essiac Tea vendors used by Connect4Hope community members or the people featured in our Stories of Hope. 

Provides links to three separate retail outlets, which grow and harvest high-quality herbs together. All three include options of 10% or 25% sheep sorrel roots in proportion to the total sheep sorrel content in the tea. 

Different levels of strength with either 10% or 25% of sheep sorrel containing the roots.


Managed by a Connect4Hope community member.

Provides quality Essiac tea 'with the root' and well-documented Essiac information. Herbs are either certified organic or responsibly wildcrafted from unpolluted areas. They offer pre-mixed, ready-to-brew Essiac herbs as well as the seeds to grow them. 


Used by Connect4Hope community members.

Supplies Essiac Tea from Blue Moon Herbs (in the United States) to people in Canada. Please note: This is a Facebook group.


Managed by a Connect4Hope community member.

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Support Groups 

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