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Stage 3B Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Healed Naturally - Rodney's Story

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Rodney Stamps was given just 90 days to live when he was diagnosed with Stage IIIB Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2005. Instead of letting cancer beat him, he took control of his healing plan, turned to alternative treatments and 14 months later was cancer-free!

Rodney gave Connect4Hope permission to summarize his healing story, which is described in more detail in his book 90 Days to Live.


In 2005, Rodney Stamps was starting to grow his entrepreneurial business into a success when he was diagnosed with Stage IIIB aggressive large b-cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and given 90 days to live without chemotherapy. In addition, he was told that standard chemotherapy and radiation would not cure him. They would only treat his cancer, giving him a life expectancy of another 5-10 years. Rodney quickly decided that conventional treatments might not be the optimal choice for him because they offered a poor quality of life, were cost-prohibitive, and didn’t offer hope of a long-term cure. Instead, he “vowed to get any last trace of cancer out of [his] body, completely” and began researching all of his treatment options thoroughly before making a decision.

As Rodney started exploring alternative treatments, he learned about the benefits of essiac tea, antioxidants and a supplement called Poly MVA. He began ingesting all three. Amazingly, his night sweats stopped within a week of adding these items to his diet. While this was not his strict long-term protocol, experiencing immediate healing effects of alternative options gave him hope when he needed it most.

As part of his research, Rodney spoke to others who had used conventional and alternative cancer treatments. Talking with those who had beaten cancer using alternative treatments was very inspirational. After a couple of weeks, he stopped reading about chemotherapy and focused his attention solely on non-traditional healing protocols. Sorting through volumes of cancer research provided Rodney with confidence that he would eventually find an effective treatment plan, enabling him to regain control of his health. As he says, “I didn’t have much time, but I did have hope.”

After a few weeks of intense research, Rodney settled on the protocol described in the book One Answer to Cancer. This protocol, developed by Dr. William D. Kelley and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez (both now deceased), addressed lifestyle and the entire body as a holistic system, rather than standalone components of one’s health. It stressed the importance of pancreatic enzymes, detoxification and optimal nutrition to give the body what it needs to run smoothly. Instead of focusing on the size of cancerous tumors, this protocol discussed eliminating cancer from the body once and for all, which was Rodney’s goal. Above all, Dr. Kelley’s protocol advertised a greater than 90% success rate, helping over 33,000 patients eradicate themselves of cancer (1). Rodney says:

“It seemed like something I could sink my teeth into, something I could believe in and pursue with confidence… When all is said and done, we have to trust someone or something. I didn’t find any modality that didn’t carry risks of one kind or another, and the benefits of a wholesome eating plan along with body cleansing made more sense to me than adding more toxins to my overwhelmed immune system.”


Rodney began working with a nutritionist who had supported Dr. Kelley while he was alive. A series of health tests (blood, hair, urine, etc.), as well as in-depth interviews to understand his lifestyle, diet and any other health issues, led to a customized healing program which Rodney followed to a tee.

  • Dietary Changes: Rodney gave up fast foods, “food-like substances” and empty calories, replacing them with fresh, raw foods. His wife cleaned out the pantry, throwing away everything canned or white (including all forms of sugar, flour and rice), all sweets, junk food, and anything with preservatives. Soy, an enzyme inhibitor, was also removed from his diet. Rodney stopped consuming red meat except for liver, which contains important live enzymes and amino acids (2). He occasionally consumed wild caught salmon. All of his food was now organic. Rodney and his wife bought a juicer and began juicing vegetables. They added visits to the organic health-food store (45 minutes away) to their weekly schedule. His diet consisted mainly of specific grains, nuts, seeds, fruit, eggs, Ezekiel bread, butter, strawberry whey protein shakes, vegetable juice, garlic, a lot of steamed (NOT boiled) vegetables and salads. Any animal protein was consumed prior to 1:00pm, because according to Dr. Kelley, the pancreas struggles to digest meat after that time (3). He drank tea on a daily basis, switching between Chinese green tea, essiac tea, and pau d’arco each week.

  • Detoxification: Rodney used coffee enemas to help the liver detoxify the body by removing waste and allowing bile to move more freely (4). This was important, because according to Dr. Kelley, “the waste products that the malignant tumors give off accumulate in the body, and that is what kills the subject. Without a way to detox, the body can’t heal and rid itself of the cancer” (5). In addition to coffee enemas, Rodney used monthly liver and gallbladder flushes. To help his body detoxify faster, he built and began using a near-infrared light sauna for 30 minutes twice per day. “Metal Free” drops and a chlorella supplement ingested right before entering the sauna helped his body eliminate heavy metals (6). A Selectrolyte drink immediately upon exiting the sauna helped his body replace electrolytes lost during the treatment.

  • Enzymes, Probiotics and Mineral Supplements: The supplements were an extremely important part of Rodney’s healing protocol. His nutritionist supplied him with enzymes, including chymotrypsin and trypsin, extracted from pigs in New Zealand. According to his nutritionist, these enzymes were approximately 30 times more powerful than the ones sourced from plants and available at health food stores. Rodney began taking these two months after he was diagnosed. He began with 20 enzymes and eventually worked his way up to 72 daily, in addition to other supplements. This was his unique combination customized according to his health test results.

  • Daily Urine Checks: If Rodney’s urine was too acidic, he used a Pleo Alkala powder to balance his body’s pH level.

  • Filtered Water: Rodney and his wife ensured all the water in their house was filtered. This included drinking water, cooking water and the water in which they bathed.

  • Cookware: They replaced all Teflon and aluminum cookware with stainless steel to avoid potential carcinogens in Teflon and aluminum from leaching into their food (7, 8).

  • Exercise: When Rodney had the energy, he would run or walk on his treadmill or go outside for a walk.

  • Good Sleep: Rodney started getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night in a pitch-black room. A darkened room enhanced his melatonin production and enabled him to pass through all four phases and REM cycles of sleep in accordance with his natural circadian rhythm (9, 10).

  • Visualization: In his mind he regularly visualized himself combating and beating cancer.

  • Moral Support: As a means of moral support, Rodney’s wife agreed to do parts of his protocol with him!

Continued Hope

Incredibly, Rodney and his wife managed to make all of these dietary and lifestyle changes while continuing to grow their entrepreneurial business. Rodney never thought about giving up or losing hope. He says, “[It] just wasn’t an option. I had too many people relying on me to be that self-indulgent.” He never let his illness get in the way of living or his future goals.

Rodney’s schedule included taking the enzymes for 25 days and then stopping for 5 days, to allow his body to eliminate metabolic waste while resting and rebuilding. Three months into the protocol, he was shocked to notice his tumors began to swell during the days that he was taking the enzymes. While this concerned him, his nutritionist explained that this was a normal part of cancer cell death (11). According to her, “The cells infected with cancer release a chemical when attacked that makes them grow.” (12)

Rodney continued to follow his nutritionist’s instructions and did not sway from the protocol. He was incredibly relieved when the tumors shrank more than they grew on his “off enzyme” days. This scenario repeated each month with the net effect of the tumors gradually getting much smaller. Over the course of a year, both Rodney’s tumors and LDH counts continued to decrease leading him to truly believe that he was, in fact, fully healing.


LDH is a protein tumor marker, that, when elevated, can indicate cancer progression (13).


Rodney followed this strict protocol without cheating once. At the one-year mark, he was allowed to introduce a few more foods into his diet, meaning he could begin eating 3 oz. of red meat twice per week. However, his wife watched him like a hawk, making sure any protocol deviations were few and far between. Rodney also finally reviewed the detailed results of his original CT scan from the year before. He was shocked to see the full extent of his original tumors consisting of a 3”x3” tumor in his abdomen, dozens of other tumors, including 15 in his neck, 20 in his chest and a black spot on his liver. By December 2006 (14 months later), all of these tumors were completely gone!

For the next two years, Rodney continued to be monitored by his oncologist on a quarterly basis. After two years passed, he was told he only needed annual check-ups. Today, Rodney is 14 years past the original cancer diagnosis and remains cancer-free. With his wife, Rodney continues his healthy lifestyle. Together, they co-founded and began managing in 2010 to provide support to others going through cancer.

This is just a brief summary of Rodney’s story. To learn the the full details of Rodney’s healing experience, please read the book he co-authored with his wife Paige: 90 Days to Live: Beating Cancer When Modern Medicine Offers No Hope.


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