Nutrition Response Testing

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Nutrition Response Testing is similar to kinesiology in that it uses the body's own muscle group in combination with acupressure points to determine where any underlying weaknesses are in each and every organ and function of the body. Weaknesses can include parasites, viruses, toxins, food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies and other problems that are creating unnecessary and unhealthy stress on the body. Then, using the same technique, specific high quality nutritional (typically whole food, mineral and herbal) supplements are tested against the areas of weakness to find which ones bring the organs and bodily functions back to full strength and healing.

As with any wellness support, it is important for fully research and form your own opinion on whether Nutrition Response Testing is right for you in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional. 

Informative Articles

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Success Stories


This Facebook group includes a wide range of Nutrition Response Testing testimonials from doctors and patients alike. These testimonials cover the successful treatment of many different health issues.

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Find a Practitioner

Below is general link to find a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner in your area of the United States as well as a list of practitioners used by our Connect4Hope community. (Please note, at this time Nutrition Response Testing is only available in the United States.)

Find certified Nutrition Response Testing practitioners in your area of the United States.

111 Cherry Street, Milford, Connecticut 6460

P: 203.874.2224


2130 McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers, Florida 33901

P: 239.333.2233


6410 W. 44th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033

P: 720.460.0766


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