Why Health Coaching?

Many people don't know what a health coach is, so let me provide a little analogy to help you understand. When you watch a sporting event, all athletes have a coach guiding them from the sidelines. The coach isn't competing or doing the physical activity. Instead, the coach provides support, guidance and accountability from the edge of the field. The coach's job is to work with the athletes every day, encouraging them to be their absolute best and attain their goals. Do you think successful athletes would achieve their success without a coach by their side? 


Health coaching is exactly the same concept, except as a health coach I work with people who want to create a healthier lifestyle by eating more nutritious foods. Additional reasons people choose to work with me include:

  • They know what they need to do (e.g. give up sugar and minimize processed foods), but are overwhelmed about how to begin.

  • They need help defining their health goals and determining the steps needed to reach their objectives.

  • They need someone to hold them accountable for implementing healthy lifestyle changes.

  • They're seeking inspiration to make transformational changes around health and wellness.

  • They want a supportive and confidential environment to explore options for living a more nourishing lifestyle, incorporating healthier food and finding better balance.

  • They've tried making healthy lifestyle changes before, but get stuck. They need support to better understand why they get stuck and explore options for getting unstuck.

  • They want to explore improving ALL forms of nourishment in their life, including physical activity, sleep, stress levels, spirituality, etc.

  • They need guidance to find the dietary approach that works for them; not what works for everyone else.


If any of these describe you, I would love to speak with you about your current well-being challenges. Sign up for a FREE Health and Wellness Consultation below.

Free Health & Wellness Consultation

Join me for a free 40-minute Health and Wellness Consultation! All sessions are virtual so you can join from work or the comfort of your own home. Just make sure your are free of distractions so we can spend the entire 40 minutes focused on YOU. 

  • I'll provide a supportive environment that enables you to articulate YOUR goals.

  • Together, we'll focus on how you want to improve your health, well-being and life.

  • Based on our conversation, I'll illustrate how a health coaching partnership could help you achieve your health and wellness goals.