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Healing from Both HIV and Stage 0 Anal Cancer - Anthony’s Story

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

In 2016, Anthony Beven was diagnosed with both HIV and stage 0 (pre-cancerous) anal cancer. He used a combination of conventional treatment followed by natural therapies, including body detoxification, supplements and dietary changes to fully heal. Today, he is a Certified Live Blood Analyst and Detox Specialist who helps others use detoxification as part of their healing protocol.

Anthony Beven was diagnosed with HIV in July of 2016. Within 6 weeks he began suffering from severe symptoms of inflammation throughout his entire body, including his eyelids, armpits, lungs and groin. These are all places where the body has key lymphatic system valves indicating that his lymphatic system was compromised.


According to, the lymphatic system is comprised of “the tissues and organs that produce, store, and carry white blood cells that fight infections and other diseases. This system includes the bone marrow, spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, and lymphatic vessels (a network of thin tubes that carry lymph and white blood cells). Lymphatic vessels branch, like blood vessels, into all the tissues of the body.”(1) The lymphatic system helps to rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials by transporting lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body. The body eventually excretes these toxins through sweat, urine and stool.


Although his doctors insisted his inflammation was the result of HIV, Anthony believed it was something more. While waiting for insurance approval of the prescribed HIV medication, he used doctor-recommended over-the-counter inflammation treatments, including Neti pots and sinus and allergy medications. Initially, these treatments helped, but very quickly his “healthy periods” shortened from weeks to days before Anthony became sick again.

As a result, Anthony sought help from specialists referred by his primary care doctor and HIV specialist: a pulmonologist (lung doctor), an allergist, and an ENT (ear, nose and throat doctor). The ENT finally gave him encouragement by saying, “Don’t worry; we’re going to figure this out.” Up until that point, every doctor agreed that his body was clearly inflamed, but they didn’t know the root cause. The ENT doctor determined that Anthony’s gut was not healthy. He went back to the HIV PCP (primary care specialist) who performed an anal pap smear. A few days later, Anthony learned that he had stage 0 (pre-cancerous) anal cancer. There were two large transformation areas of irregular cells in his anus that would need to be removed. Anthony’s HIV PCP concluded this was causing the inflammation.

A colorectal cancer specialist gave Anthony options of chemotherapy, radiation or acid roller treatments to address the anal cancer. Due to concerns about the side effects from both chemotherapy and radiation, Anthony opted for acid roller treatments. He had 2-3 acid roller treatments, which involved inserting acid into his anus and rolling it around to burn out the transformation areas. A side effect of this treatment was that it also burned out the anal cavity lining, but an unintended consequence was the acid being absorbed into his gut and severely compromising his gut lining.

In April 2017, Anthony’s follow-up test results showed the continued presence of pre-cancerous cells. In addition, when his HIV PCP performed a routine blood test, it revealed a T-cell count of 23 per cubic millimeter of blood. Since his T-cell count was under 200, Anthony also had AIDS!


T-cells are a type of white blood cell that circulate through the body, scanning for cellular abnormalities and infections. Some destroy cells that are infected with germs or that have become cancerous. Others orchestrate an immune response. T-cells play an important role in all parts of a body’s immunity. A healthy T-cell count is between 500 and 1,600 T cells per cubic millimeter of blood (2).


Anthony asked his HIV PCP, “What are we going to do?” She responded that the protocol was chemotherapy pills. (Anthony’s doctors agreed that his low T-cell count was being caused by both the pre-cancerous cells and the HIV. Since he was already taking HIV medication [Genvoya], he only needed something additional to continue addressing the pre-cancerous cells in his anus.) When Anthony shared his concerns about chemotherapy killing his remaining T-cells, his doctor only repeated that they needed to follow protocol. At this point, Anthony got very upset. He felt like he was dying and wasn’t given any suggestions on how to reverse course. Finally, he asked about holistic treatments options, but his doctor dismissed this as a treatment option that she could not provide. However, she did offer to continue monitoring Anthony’s blood and T-cell levels, even though she would not work directly with a holistic specialist to treat him.

With encouragement from his aunt, Anthony decided to take control of his own health, because it might be the only chance he had. He was severely depressed, and even contemplated suicide. He didn’t believe he had enough strength to persevere. As he began researching holistic options, he was overwhelmed by too much information and felt lost without someone to guide him.

Anthony reached out to a friend for moral support. His friend responded with a link to an audio book called The Power. Anthony says, “That book put my whole life into perspective, and everything made sense. Every job, relationship, experience [and] piece of knowledge was a piece to a larger puzzle.” Suddenly, he felt less overwhelmed by his current health situation and was able to refocus on holistic healing options. He learned about rhythmic eating, Dr. Sebi and detoxing the body, including the liver and kidneys. He read blogs, articles and message boards. He learned about the supplements others used and read stories of individual testimonials about what worked for them. Anthony found his hope restored once he learned that improving his body pH, destroying cellular debris (such as parasites, fungus/candida, bacteria, heavy metals, and uric acid), and clearing his lymphatic system could help him recover.

He bought and started using anything and everything he could find:

  • ParaGuard, a natural, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic intestinal cleanse that contains walnut hull, wormwood, clove bud, pumpkin seed, fennel seed and garlic bulb.

  • Chaga tea, which may boost immune function, regulate blood sugar and minimize inflammation (3,4,5).

  • Antioxidants, to neutralize free radicals in his body and protect his cells from oxidative stress, which occurs if the body cannot process and efficiently remove free radicals. Free radicals are waste molecules produced when the body processes food and reacts to toxins in its environment (6). Anthony’s sources of antioxidants included: soursop (a.k.a. graviola and paw paw), for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and potential cancer-fighting properties (7) and mangosteen, a highly nutritious, tropical fruit that is rich in antioxidants, is thought to have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits, supports a healthy immune system and helps to control blood sugar (8).

  • Vitamin B-17 for its purported anti-cancer properties. At the time, Vitamin B-17 was available from Amazon Australia.

  • Dietary changes – Anthony became a strict follower of Dr. Sebi’s Rhythmic Eating protocol, which is a vegan diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains, nuts, seeds and healthy oils.

Within 7-10 days of beginning this full protocol, Anthony got sick with very strong flu-like symptoms, including night sweats. While initially concerned, he quickly learned that night sweats can mean the start of an infection OR be a symptom of detoxification. Wondering if maybe his body was detoxing instead of getting sick, he decided to ride it out. Within a few days, Anthony started to feel better. Not only did he decide to continue the above protocol, but he amped it up with the following:

  • Enzymes, including digestive, proteolytic, fat/sugar, liver & kidney in order to rest and restore the normal functions of the body’s organs & systems.

  • Alkaline water, because he read that its water molecules are smaller, allowing for easier absorption through the cell wall for oxygenation and hydration.

  • Lymphatic drainage massage to encourage his lymph system to increase circulation, thereby helping his body to eliminate toxins and further boost his immune system (9).

Anthony continued to feel better.

About a month later, in July 2017, a blood test revealed that Anthony’s T-cell count was up to 889 – right in the middle of what is considered a healthy range! His doctor was shocked, saying there was no way Anthony could have done what he said he did. Anthony response: “I did! And I feel good!”

Anthony’s story did not end here.

Immediately after receiving the good news from his blood test, he took a trip to Mexico City. While visiting the Teotihuacan pyramids outside of Mexico City, he experienced an epiphany – he was in the midst of a physical, spiritual and intellectual transformation. He thought about his profession as a marketing executive for a bio-tech company. While he used to think he was helping people through his line of work, his recent medical experience made him question this belief. Perhaps there was another purpose for his life? Following his intuition, he left his job in south Florida and moved back to his hometown outside of Detroit, Michigan.

Soon after arriving home, Anthony used an ionic detox foot bath. He immediately could feel it impacting his entire body. His head felt lighter, and his feet felt like they were tingling. Anthony is convinced he was detoxing even more. By the time he was done, he felt re-energized and recharged. His friend who joined him also felt amazing. The thought “Detox Day Spa” continuously popped into his head on the way home. Anthony quickly decided God was telling him that he needed to open a detox spa so he could help others the same way he helped himself.

In September 2017, Anthony opened the Detox Day Spa in Orion Township, Michigan. Since then, he has developed an expertise in a variety of body detoxification treatments, becoming a Certified Live Blood Analyst and Detox Specialist. His Detox Day Spa now offers the following:

  • Reflexology machine massage

  • Ionic detox footbath

  • Hydro massage (high-pressured heated water massage)

  • Infrared sauna

  • Alkaline water

  • A 35-day detox program that includes a lifestyle diet guide, supplements, external detox process and alkaline water.

Anthony now helps people with diabetes, cancer, gut problems, candida overgrowth (which can cause or contribute to cancer), Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and MTHFR (a gene mutation that affects 40-60% of the general population causing the body to not methylate and detox properly [10].) He even helped his 2-year old nephew who has cystic fibrosis.

As for his health, Anthony has added enzymes, ionic detox foot baths, bio-energetic chakra cleansing, upper cervical chiropractic care and craniosacral massage to his own personal wellness protocol. Another test of his anus in 2018 confirmed that the pre-cancerous cells were gone. In addition, he completely stopped taking his HIV medications that same year without any negative consequences. In fact, he’s never been healthier!

Anthony considers himself a healthcare activist. He doesn’t want people to lose hope when they are ill. His mission to help people rediscover hope and to heal. As Anthony says, “I’m living my life for God, for my clients [and] for change.”

For more information on Anthony and his detox resources, visit




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