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Ionic Footbaths


An ionic footbath is a small tub of warm water in which an ionizing current gives the hydrogen in the water a positive charge. When feet are soaked in this bath, the positively-charged hydrogen ions act as magnets attracting negatively-charged toxins from the body. Feet are used because they provide a large surface area of pores for the absorption of negative hydrogen ions. The footbath is said to elicit a relaxation response in the body, which then produces an ongoing detoxification release for the next 3-5 days, enhancing the body's ability to expel toxins through urine, stool and sweat.

As with any type of full wellness support, it is important to fully research and form your own opinion on utilizing an ionic footbath in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional. 

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There is very limited research on ionic footbaths. Most of the studies to date included a statistically insignificant number of participants or lack proper experimental design.


The research below only includes studies or reports that measure detoxification through urine, stool, sweat, hair and blood. (While additional studies exist, they focus on the inaccurate hypothesis that toxins are removed through the feet and into the bathwater during the footbath. Since this hypothesis has already been disproven, any studies related to it are excluded from the list below.) 

This research report demonstrates an association between changes in the levels heavy metals present in whole blood and the use of ionic foot baths, specifically the IonCleanse®, in conjuction with mediation and a nutritional supplement. However, this study, which included 31 participants, was limited by a non-experimental design (i.e. no control group) and the use of only whole blood assays for determining heavy metal exposure.

Study funded by AMD

A study of 19 participants which resulted in a greater reduction in glyphosate levels by 48% for the participants who used the IonCleanse by AMD detox footbath as compared to a 14% reduction in the control (non-cleanse) group over the same 30-day period of time.

This study involved 6 participants and found no evidence to suggest that ionic footbaths help promote the elimination of toxic elements from the body through the feet, urine, or hair. While unlikely to cause harm or result in any increased uptake, the use of ionic footbaths may release minute quantities of potentially toxic elements into the aqueous environment.

Study supported by AMD, who provided the IonCleanse® test units.

This study revealed the presence of urea, glucose, and creatinine molecules in the bathwater after the IonCleanse by AMD was used.

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Below is a list of ion footbaths used by Connect4Hope community members or the people featured in our Stories of Hope.

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Informative Articles & Videos

There are many articles on ionic footbaths which focus on refuting the inaccurate belief that ion footbaths are supposed to help the body eliminate toxins through the feet. Feet are used during the bath, because they provide a large surface area of pores for the absorption of negative hydrogen ions, which stimulates the detoxifying benefits of the ionic foot bath. However, proponents of ionic footbaths insist that enhanced detoxification occurs through not through the feet, but instead through the body's regular detoxification pathways of sweat, urine and stool.

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