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Cellect-Budwig Protocol


The Cellect-Budwig Protocol is a combination of five alternative and natural cancer treatments: 

  1. Cellect nutritional powder

  2. The Budwig Protocol  

  3. Laetrile/Vitamin B17

  4. Vegetable juicing

  5. Electromedicine (based on Rife Machine technology)


The Cellect nutritional powder was developed by a biochemist named Fred Eichhorn who cured himself of terminal pancreatic cancer in 1976 and is currently the president of the National Cancer Research Foundation. To make it even more potent, the supplemental four treatments were added by Mike Vrentas of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

As with any type of full wellness support, it is important to fully research and form your own opinion on whether the Cellect-Budwig Protocol is right for you in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional. Below are some resource links to help you get started. 

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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