My name is DeeDee Ferguson. I am a Colorado-based wife, mother, entrepreneur, avid skier, lover of world travel and nature with a deep passion for wellness and a healthy lifestyle.  I grew up in a tight-knit community in New England, which provided me with a great appreciation for relationships and the natural way people come together to support each other when tragedies and challenges strike. Through 

Connect4Hope, I am striving to unite people facing common challenges, eradicating fear and replacing it with hope.  

Mother Theresa described the United States as having "a crisis of loneliness". Many people in our culture feel very isolated and alone, especially when facing health challenges. Battling this loneliness and fear is the core foundation of Connect4Hope. Our goal is to provide a virtual bridge to unite and support people from all over the world in common situations and empower them with hope, optimism and inspiration so that they not only survive their current challenges, but thrive.

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